Online Program

The Certo Online Sustainable Business Program has four distinct internal and external performance levels: Starter, Operating, Advanced and Optimum. Businesses must achieve the Starter and Operating levels, as these form the foundation of a sustainable business. Advanced and Optimum levels are optional, however these should be achieved if a business wants to be regarded as a significant sustainable business performer. Businesses must achieve standards internally (improvements within the company) and externally (suppliers and resellers may have to make improvements).

Unique Certo reference numbers are supplied for businesses and these are used for confidential reporting purposes. Every year the online form must be completed in order to record progress made by companies. Resource use is recorded along with benchmarking data:

  • Floor Area of Factory, Stores and Offices
  • Number of FT/PT employees
  • Electricity and Mains Gas used in last calendar year
  • Bottled gas purchased in last calendar year
  • Petrol and Diesel purchased in last calendar year
  • Domestic and International flights purchased in last calendar year

Companies can then be recognised with a new logo status once a new performance level is reached. Certo provides confidential annual reports on how each business compares against like-companies (no company names are supplied in these reports).

The Value Chain, relevant to the sustainability of a business, is analysed throughout each level using our Certo Tracker input form. We specifically focus on People, Processes and Products across the Value Chain. A program fee is payable in advance and this covers online registration, guidance, training, templates and tools to help businesses achieve their goals and earn ongoing recognition of their achievements. Depending on the level of performance achieved, companies will be able to provide globally recognised sustainability reports in accordance with the GRI and the SDGs set by the United Nations.

An ongoing monthly fee is also payable for ongoing base online support and licensed use of Certo logos so you can reassure your customers and stakeholders of your position along the Sustainable Business Path (this fee applies across each level achieved). Additional contracted services are available as required (such as product sourcing, material testing, market research, and face-to-face training/presentations). Check out our FAQ section for more details.

First 3 months – up front fee payable, then ongoing monthly fees apply across all levels achieved
Starter Level: Committing to change, business is undertaking the Certo online program.
– The business is at the exploratory stage, fact finding, prioritising and learning, it is preparing to go down the Sustainable Business path.
– The business is committed to undertaking work program, an Internal Champion (IC) has been assigned (to liaise with Certo and business team members).
– The key management team has attended the online Certo presentation, the IC has completed the Certo Tracker form, and received and reviewed the Certo work program (documentation templates).
– All team members have viewed the Certo “Why be Sustainable?” summary and the “How is Market Research highlighting the growing acceptance and need Sustainable Actions?” article in our FAQ section.
– All team members have completed two Certo online surveys: Team Member Individual Survey and Business Practice Survey.
– All team members have attended online training.
– The business has understood and responding to the survey findings, reported and presented by Certo to the IC.
– A Corporate Sustainability Statement and Draft Plan is now ready to be produced.

After 3 months of starting program (compulsory – minimum level to be achieved)
Operating Level: Priority changes underway, business is considered active in sustainable management.
– The work program is underway, all stakeholders are identified.
– All suppliers have completed the online “Supplier Credentials Survey“.
– Survey results have been analysed and suppliers have been ranked.
– Suppliers have been informed and they start to close any gaps identified.
– The ecosystem mapping, relative to the business, is now complete.
– The materiality map is complete for products sold and purchased.
– Competitor gap analysis has been completed.
– The draft Corporate Sustainability Plan is now complete.
– The business has completed all 3 months action steps, the business focus and the processes are aligned.
– The business has achieved up to 35% of the program requirements.

After 12 months of starting program (optional)
Advanced Level: Majority of changes underway, considered a sustainable business.
– The approved Corporate Sustainability Plan is in operation.
– All key stakeholders are engaged.
– Suppliers have started to close any credentials gaps.
– The business has achieved between 36% to 75% of the program requirements, and is operating as a sustainable business.
– All reports are aligned with GRI reporting standards and UN SDGs, and GRI and UN SDGs reports are now produced.

After 24 months of starting program (optional)
Optimum Level: All changes made, business considered a leader in sustainable business management.
– The Corporate Sustainability Plan is now ingrained in the value chain.
– All stakeholders are fully engaged in sustainable business practice.
– Suppliers are performing as sustainable businesses.
– Customers are now also becoming sustainable businesses.
– The business has achieved over 75% of program requirements, the business is now driven by sustainability.
– UN SDGs, GRI and UN SDGs reports are regularly produced
– Best practice models established by the business, it is a sustainable business leader.

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