We have listed below the answers to the most common questions ask about our services. If you are unable to find the information you seek, please contact us.

What is the Certo Online Sustainable Program?

Our main service is the Certo Online Program, this is designed to take businesses along a sustainable pathway so they can best manage changes within their business. A unique Certo reference number is supplied for each business and these are used for confidential reporting purposes. Your business is supplied with a work program (guides and templates) and is responsible for competing all information (guided by us). An initial online presentation and training session is completed, with follow up sessions if needed. Our online Tracker form is completed at the start of the program, then again after 3 months (to achieve basic progress – the minimum status expected to be achieved) and again after 9 months (to achieve operating status – if this is what the company has targeted). Every year the form must be completed in order to record progress made by companies. Energy, water and waste is recorded along with benchmarking data: business type, floor area, employee numbers. This allows companies to be compared, using their sustainability profile with the profiles of like businesses (confidential reports are supplied by Certo as part of the monthly fee, no company names are supplied in these reports).

What other services to you provide?

We can undertake a review of your operations and provide a gap analysis for you to act upon, help source sustainable products and services, enhance your procedures and processes, and provide in-house training and presentations.

What is the cost of sustainable practice?

This depends on the size and complexity of your business, in particular how many products and services you provide. Our hourly contracting charges vary between $40 NZD/hr and $120 NZD/hr (excluding taxes). Our Certo Online Program set up fee is $3,000 NZD (excluding taxes) and the ongoing monthly fee is $100 NZD/month (excluding taxes). Sustainability is not about loading extra costs into your business, it is about using the same budgets more efficiently and sustainably. This leads to lower operating costs, lower risks, lower stock redundancies and increased future-proofed revenues. The key questions to answer are: “Can we buy more sustainable products and services? Are these costs justifiable? Can we reduce our risk to consumer backlash? Can we reduce redundant stock problems? Have we got positive news stories to share?”

What do we need to do to achieve Certo Starter status?

The Starter Level denotes that you are committing to change, your business is undertaking the Certo online program. Your key management team has attended our online training course, you have received and reviewed our work program (documentation templates), all staff have completed online tests. Your business has committed to undertaking our work program, an internal champion will be assigned (to liaise with key people). Your business is at the exploratory stage, fact finding, prioritising, learning, and a Corporate Sustainability Plan is to be produced as a result of these findings.

What do we need to do to achieve Certo Operating status?

The Operating Level denotes that priority changes are underway, your business is considered active in sustainable management. The work program is underway, your stakeholders are identified, Ecosystem mapping is completed, your competitor gap analysis is completed, your materiality map is completed for products sold and purchased, your draft Corporate Sustainability Plan is completed, your key 3 months action plan is completed, your business is now focussed and processes are aligned. You have achieved up to 35% of the work program requirements within 3 months of joining the program at Starter Level.

What do we need to do to achieve Certo Advanced status?

The Advanced Level status denotes that the majority of changes are underway, you are considered a sustainable business. An approved Corporate Sustainability Plan is in place, key stakeholders are engaged, your business has achieved between 36% to 75% of the work program requirements within 12 months of joining the program at Starter Level. your business is operating sustainably. Your reports are now aligned with GRI reporting standards and annual GRI reports are underway.

What do we need to do to achieve Certo Optimum status?

The Optimum Level denotes that all changes have been made, your business is considered a leader in sustainable business management. Your Corporate Sustainability Plan is ingrained in your value chain, all stakeholders are fully engaged. You have achieved over 75% of the work program requirements within 24 months of joining the program at Starter Level, and your business is now sustainably driven. You are aligned with GRI reporting standards, best practice models are established, and annual GRI reports are underway.

What happens if we leave the Certo Online program?

We hope you decide to stay on the program as you are able to report each year and receive confidential comparisons of your annual sustainability performance against like companies. However, if you do decide to leave then we simply need one month’s notice. The initial starter fee and all monthly program fees are non-refundable. You will no longer receive annual comparison reports and no longer be able to use the Certo logos and any publications (online, pdfs and printed documents) featuring our logos should be edited to exclude our logos within 3 months of you leaving the program.

What is the GRI reporting tool?

GRI stands for Global Reporting Initiative, this is an independent international organization that has pioneered sustainability reporting since 1997. GRI helps businesses and governments worldwide understand and communicate their impact on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, governance and social well-being. This enables real action to create social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone. The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards fall under Universal, Economic, Environmental and Social topics, they are developed with true multi-stakeholder contributions and rooted in the public interest. Find out more here.

What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Created by the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The 17 Goals address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The 17 Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that businesses acknowledge and achieve pertinent and relevant Goals and targets by 2030. Find out more here.

How is Market Research highlighting the growing acceptance and need Sustainable Actions?

There is an amazing amount of credible search available through  independent researchers. A summary of the latest findings are here for reference (links to creators and owners of the data):